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Consulting Capabilities: Part 1

 Having been on the client end of consultancy work, been employed by a leading consultancy firm and worked as an Independent Consultant for many years, I know what it takes to be successful as a Consultant. 

Consulting Capabilities: Part 1 covers some of the basic must learn core skills for all consultants, not just Independents. The material is relevant, up-to-date, comprehensive and easy to follow. It’s good to have the assessments in there…which are surprisingly challenging and really do test what you have learnt.

We do place associates on client projects and in future will be ensuring that all will have gone through Clive’s programmes as a pre-requisite.

I’ve developed online learning programmes myself and know how difficult this is to do well - and how easy it is to do badly. Clive has done a great job here!

Stephen McIndoe - Be4Ward

I wholeheartedly recommend Consulting Capabilities: Part 1 from the Independents’ Consultants. 

A few years ago, I had made a switch into senior line roles in the Financial Services industry in the US after my previous employed and independent consulting roles in Europe.

When I returned to the UK, I invested in Consulting Capabilities: Part 1 as part of my own continuous professional development.

I knew there would be some familiar ground but I felt the programme would be valuable in refreshing my knowledge and updating areas of my consulting repertoire that had become stale while in industry.

Line roles are VERY different to consulting, and independent consulting is VERY different to working at a firm of consultants. This programme helps bridge both chasms.

Consulting Capabilities: Part 1 is structured around a well laid out business transformation framework that links in the role of Independent Consulting. It distinguishes well between the different type of consulting capabilities – core and delivery. 

Everything is presented in a step by step way and is easy to navigate around.  The online format enabled me go back over the training at a time, pace and place of my choosing. And I was pleased to find so much new knowledge in there, even for a seasoned consultant! 

It’s all very professionally put together – strongly recommended, especially for newer Independent Consultants.

Satheesh Pillaj - Entropy Advisors


 It's quite interesting going through your "Masterpiece", Independent Consulting: A New Paradigm - Brexit Edition. Your work exudes articulation and is very informative especially for beginners in the profession. As you encapsulated, there are many prospects for Independent consultants both in the short and long term. While we are grappling with the realities of the Brexit trajectory, we hope post-Brexit will usher in a new lucrative era for Independent Consultants.

Lasington Everest - Independent Consultant

I've just read Independent Consulting: A New Paradigm. I have to say it's a ground-breaking report and a must read for all Independent Consultants, especially those starting up. Highly recommended. I couldn't believe how much free advice there was in it.

Russell Golby - Security Consultant

I would like to extend my appreciation and a million thanks for your amazing report, Independent Consulting: A New Paradigm.  

As a newcomer to this industry, I need to read a lot of references to strengthen my ability and spirit and to encourage me on the way forward. After reading your report, Independent Consulting: A New Paradigm, I felt more confident and now have a clear direction on how to face my future in Independent Consulting.

Agunawan Tahad - Independent Consultant

Thank you for this refresher in Independent Consulting: A New Paradigm. It comes at the right time in my Independent Professional career.

I am definitely going to read through a second time but I can already see what is missing from my CV. This is my start.

I am looking forward to reading more and to rerunning these first steps until they get embedded into my "unconscious competence.

Andreea Steriu - Public Health and Health Management Consultant

Thank you for your informative and thought provoking report, Independent Consulting: A New Paradigm.

You have clarified in great detail who an Independent Consultant is! I have been re-inventing myself in the last 9 months or so and your report brought about great clarity. Keep up the good work!

Jackson Kinyanjui - Independent Consultant